The ivoaTeX document preparation system

IvoaTeX is a TeX-based software for authoring IVOA standards and Notes. Authors are encouraged to use it in connection with the volute version controlled repository.

An IVOA note describing the system is written in ivoaTeX itself and can be checked out from volute (if you believe you have the dependencies installed, building the document from there is a good idea; in general, checkouts will contain updates over the published Note).

For your convenience (you should skim over the note anyway), here's a brief crib sheet for how to start an iovaTeX document:

export DOCNAME=???? # your short name, e.g., TAP, VOResource
export VOLUTEBASE=""
export WG=?????
# this would be the Working Group name as represented in
# volute subdirectories: dal, dm, edu, grid, registry
rm -r $DOCNAME
svn propset svn:externals\
  "ivoatex $VOLUTEBASE/ivoapub/ivoatex" .
svn update
svn propset svn:ignore . --file ivoatex/svn-ignore.txt
cp ivoatex/Makefile.template Makefile
cp ivoatex/document.template $DOCNAME.tex
cp ivoatex/archdiag.png .
svn add Makefile $DOCNAME.tex archdiag.png
# Now fill out the variables in Makefile
# then start editing $DOCNAME.tex
# To build a PDF, now run
# make biblio  (first time and when you change citations and such)
# make