The ivoaTeX document preparation system

IvoaTeX is a TeX-based software for authoring IVOA standards and Notes. Authors are encouraged to use it together with the IVOA-designated version control system *cough* github.

An IVOA note describing the system is written in ivoaTeX itself and can be cloned from github (if you believe you have the dependencies installed, building the document from there is a good idea; in general, checkouts will contain updates over the published Note).

Getting ivoaTeX

IvoaTeX is designed to be included with the document source, preferably via mechanisms of the version control system chosen (e.g., svn:externals or git submodule).

Still, in some situations it may be preferable to fetch tarballs of releases. Here they are:

[Version 1.3] [Version 1.2] [Version 1.1] [Version 1.0] [Version 0.4]

Crib Sheet

We used to have a crib sheet here; this content has now moved to the package's README.rst.